Games, I will carry you

Buy New GIGABYTE/ AORUS Laptop & Get Access to 1-month of Xbox Game Pass

Gain 30 days access to over 100 high-quality PC games on Windows 11. Redeem Xbox Game Pass through your purchased GIGABYTE/ AORUS laptop via Microsoft Store app.

From now to 3/31/2023


For a limited time, buy a New GIGABYTE or AORUS laptop equipped with the latest 12 Gen Intel core processor and you’ll get a 1-month Xbox Game Pass membership (value US$14.99/per month, activation and credit card required). Get access to over 100 high-quality PC games on Windows 11 including iconic Bethesda games, indie games and blockbusters, and the entire EA Play on PC catalog. With games added all the time, you’ll always have something new to play. (Subscription renews automatically unless canceled. Game catalog varies over time and by region.)

Qualifying Models


AERO 17 YE5 / AERO 17 XE5 / AERO 17 KE5


AERO 16 YE5 / AERO 16 XE5 / AERO 16 KE5




AORUS 17X YE / AORUS 17X XE / AORUS 17 YE5 / AORUS 17 XE5 / AORUS 17 KE5 / AORUS 17 YE4 / AORUS 17 XE4 / AORUS 17 KE4


AORUS 15 YE5 / AORUS 15 XE5 / AORUS 15 KE5 / AORUS 15 YE4 / AORUS 15 XE4 / AORUS 15 KE4




G5 KE / G5 ME / G5 GE


G7 KE / G7 ME / G7 GE


Event Duration and Enrolment. Participants may enroll in the “Games, I will carry you ” . To enter, You must complete the following steps:

  1. In submitting the registration data, the customer has declared that all requirements for eligibility to participate are fulfilled. At the same time, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions.
  2. “Games, I will carry you ” the event be offer valid for purchase from now until - 03/31/2023.( And MUST register before 02/28/2023 to enjoy this promotion)
  3. Each person can only use one account number, and can only bound a set of credit card numbers. Sale, purchase and transfer are strictly prohibited.
  4. The promotion is limited to the End Users, any application forms(such as applicants, contacts, applicants, contacts, buyers, local telephones, mobile phones, addresses, etc.) are dealers, agents and OEM related cannot participate in this event. In order to protect consumers’ rights, this event doesn’t accept agency applications. If the application documents are false or fake, GIGABYTE reserves the right to cancel the participate in the event and those who forge false documents shall bear their own legal liability.
  5. This promotion event is not applicable to bulk purchase buyers.
  6. If the application information is false, incorrect, incompleted or forged, all are deemed as unfinished event promotion registration. GIGABYTE reserves the right to cancel the application qualification and retain the right of legal prosecution.
  7. The promotion is mainly based on the actual items provided, and the quantity is limited. Please keep your own rights until the event are finished. Applicants are not allowed to replace items, cash redeemable, or use product prices for discounts.
  8. The designated laptops purchased during the event cannot be redeemed repeatedly if you apply for exchange. If you apply for return, the promotion eligibility must be returned to GIGABYTE without restriction on the event time. GIGABYTE reserves the right to pursue legal proceedings.
  9. GIGABYTE reserves the right to audit all requests to ensure that the terms and conditions of the promotion have been met and to request additional information regarding any and all claims and supporting documents.
  10. If there is any delay, loss or error in the information sent or registered by the participant due to laptop, Internet, telephone, technology, or other reasons that cannot be attributed to the GIGABYTE, GIGABYTE will not provide resupply and doesn’t bear any legal responsibility. The participants must not object to it.GIGABYTE is not affiliated with Xbox and is not responsible for any technical/access issues you may have on your account. If there is a problem with the Xbox Game Pass, please contact Xbox customer service.
  11. Each customer has to ensure the accuracy of the provided data. The personal information provided by the participants during the registration will be stored and used solely by GIGABYTE just to process this promotion. Any personal data provided to GIGABYTE will be treated in accordance with the EU data protection rules and GIGABYTE’s own Privacy Policy which can be found at:
  12. Game catalog varies over time, by region, and by device. Detailed redeemed questions and answers also refer to the Xbox official website:
  13. If you need any assistance concerning the promotion in general please contact GIGABYTE eSupport System:
  14. GIGABYTE can stop the promotion without further notice if the execution of this promotion is not redeemed possible or involve unreasonable circumstances due to objective reasons.
  15. GIGABYTE Reserves the rights to change the promotion details without prior notice.

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